Newport’s Red Octopus Theatre Company will hold open auditions for the world premiere of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Curious Rock Musical” on Saturday, Oct. 19.

From the director behind 2018’s wild and whimsical adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” this groundbreaking new rock musical adaptation of “Alice’s Adventures Underground” features 33 musical numbers.

Director Darcy Hogan and music director Milo Graamans have again joined forces for promises to be an incredible, innovative, magical, mystical, musical journey.

A large cast of actors, vocalists and dancers are needed to help bring this adventure to life. All roles are open.

“Forget what you think you know about these characters,” Hogan said, “especially with regard to role size and importance — because this is unlike any ‘Alice’ you’ve ever seen.”

Roles up for grabs include Alice herself, Ms. Liddell, Louis, Carol, White Rabbit, House Mouse, Dodo, Lory Bird, Squirrel, Crab, Caterpillar, Mushrooms, Mock Turtle, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Nine of Hearts, Deuce of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, Five of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Jabberwock (Knave of Hearts), Bandersnatch, Mome Raths, Mimsy Toves, Borogove, Queen of Clubs, Executioner and others.

Most roles are open to any gender and all roles are open to any ethnicity. Many of the major roles require strong vocal skill, however there are non-singing, non-dancing roles available, as well as roles which require only singing or dancing.

While there are no dedicated roles for children in the production, experienced younger performers aged 10 and over are welcome to audition.

The Saturday, Oct. 19, auditions will begin at 10 am at the Newport Performing Arts Center. Auditioners should be prepared to stay until 1 pm, though many will be released earlier than that. Callbacks will be held the following evening — Sunday, Oct. 20, at 5:30 pm.

Rehearsals will begin on January 2, and the final production will run April 3 to 19, in the Alice Silverman Theatre at the Newport Performing Arts Center.

For more information, go to

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