If you are missing the fellowship that comes from attending a concert or an art reception, or just wondering what your friends and neighbors are up to — the Lincoln City Cultural Center invites you to experience community while keeping your distance through its new Creative Quarantine program.

“Creative Quarantine offers a daily dose of art, by our community and for our community, free and accessible for everyone,” said Executive Director Niki Price. “You’ll find these events and activities on the center’s Facebook page, @lincolncityculture, and through Creative Quarantine family art projects.”

Creative Quarantine will broadcast an online video at 7 pm every evening, Monday through Saturday, and 2 pm on Sundays. Whenever possible, the video will be live, allowing all those who are watching to post comments that the artist can see in real time.

Celtic music lovers should mark their calendars for Sunday, April 12, when fiddler Kevin Burke will give a special 30-minute concert from his home studio in Portland. Burke was originally scheduled to perform at the the cultural center at the same time and date. He’ll be taking requests from Celtic season ticket holders for this special Creative Quarantine presentation.

The schedule is still under construction, but look for art demonstrations, yoga sessions, gallery tours, cooking classes and more. If you’d like to be included in the schedule, leave a message on the @lincolncityculture Facebook Page or contact LCCC director Niki Price at 541-921-2006 or lcccdirector@gmail.com.

“If it weren’t for this virus, we would all be enjoying art, craft, yoga, music, culture and community, together at the cultural center,” Price said. “Until we can be together again, let’s celebrate our own talents in the Creative Quarantine studio. We need our culture, more than ever. We’re counting on our community to respond, by posting their own work in the comments section of each video.”

It’s free to watch and participate in the online Creative Quarantine. The daily Facebook video will also feature an opportunity to donate. Each day’s contributions will be split evenly between the nonprofit Lincoln City Cultural Center and the featured artist (or the artist’s chosen charity). There will be occasional promotions and giveaways, to spice up your social isolation.

Creative Quarantine kitsFor those who want something a little more hands-on, the cultural center has developed a Creative Quarantine Drive-Through, with Gallery Director Krista Eddy handing out take-home arts and crafts kits every Thursday in the parking lot.

“We usually call it make and take. But, for the next month, it will be take, then make,” Eddy said. “We are assuming that you have some existing art supplies at home, like glue. But if you don’t, let us know when you come through the Creative Quarantine Drive-Through. We have some extras and we can share.”

There will be a bucket for donations, if you are so inclined. All contributions will go toward the purchase of more art supplies for future projects and kits.

And the fun continues each week with Creative Quarantine DIY Art Relief Project, a series of art projects that can be accomplished with everyday household items. These how-to sheets will be published, physically and digitally, every week in the Oregon Coast TODAY. It will also be available for download on the cultural center website and the center’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Artists of all ages are invited to post their projects on the cultural center Facebook Page, in the comments section of Creative Quarantine posts, or by using the hashtag #LCCCOR and #creativequarantine.

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