The One Night Delights series at the Newport Performing Arts Center will continue on Wednesday, March 3, with a reading of “Kaleidoscope” by Ray Bradbury, presented by the Porthole Players

Regarded as one of the world’s best known sci-fi stories, “Kaleidoscope” is a contemplative tale of astronauts stranded a million miles from Earth. Their rocket ship, hit by a meteor, suddenly splits open, leaving them floating in space with only a communicator link to fellow crew members. Faced with this problem, the space-suited survivors contemplate their fate and philosophize about life and its purpose.

The show, directed by Jennifer Hamilton, will be performed as a one-act reading and followed by a talk back with the actors, crew and director.

Audience members will also be treated to a tomato soup-spiced cake with cream cheese frosting, a dessert inspired by a 1996 interview Bradbury gave to Playboy Magazine.

“At one time,” he said, “I had planned to have my ashes put into a Campbell’s tomato soup can and then have it planted on Mars.”

Gluten free options will be available.

The show, sponsored by the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, will start at 7 pm in the David Ogden Stiers Theatre at the Newport Performing Arts Center, 777 W Olive Street.

Tickets, $18, can be purchased by calling 541-265-ARTS or online at www.coastarts.org, with all proceeds going toward renovation of the David Ogden Stiers Theatre.

• Next in the series line-up, “Dearly Departed,” directed by Jody Hanna and sponsored by Coastal Act Productions on May 13. Rumor has it ticket-holders will be treated to Southern chocolate pie.

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