The latest Spotlight Show from Newport’s Yaquina Art Association features the photography of Walt Duvall and John Legeman.

Duvall began his photographic journey 54 years ago in high school when he was inspired by black and white photographer, Ansel Adams. He took correspondence courses through the New York Institute of Photography while in the service in the 1970s and has continued to seek photographic knowledge through workshops, seminars and online courses.

In 2002, he discovered digital photography and, upon retirement in 2014, began devoting more time to his lifelong passion of photography, working with such professionals as Art Wolfe, Mark Adamus, David Middleton and Brenda Berry. He has been published in magazines and brochures, won numerous awards and has donated his time and talent to nonprofits including the Alaska Raptor Center, Sitka Conservation Society, Oregon Coast Community Forest Association and Newport Fishermen’s Wives.

“My photography is influenced by three professional photographers,” Duvall said. “First, from Ansel Adams who said, ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it; David Middleton who taught me, ‘Don’t settle for mediocrity’ and ‘Watch the edges of your image,’ lastly Art Wolfe who told me, ‘Don’t take a postcard, look for art in a scene.’ These words follow me every time I venture out to record nature.”

John Legeman was born in Long Beach, California. His interest in the visual arts was first cultivated by his mother, who would drive the reluctant teenage Legeman and his younger brother from Long Beach to the LA County Museum of Art.

Legeman’s high school English teacher, Irving Cox, encouraged his students to make creative film projects based on literary works. This led Legeman to buy his own Super 8 film camera and making movies for himself and community college film classes.

After Legeman had been teaching English for about two decades, his school began moving into the digital age. His principal recruited him to teach the new subject of digital photography.

Legeman retired and moved to the Oregon Coast in the summer of 2011. He enjoys walking the forests and beaches with his camera, shooting in both black and white and color. His work is inspired by the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast — sunsets, streaming light through forests, beach and river scenes and more.

The Spotlight Show will run through Friday, Dec. 20, available to view daily from 11 am to 4 pm at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, 789 NW Beach Drive.

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