The latest Spotlight Show from Newport’s Yaquina Art Association features the artwork of Penny Billinger and the late Charlie Anderson.

Penny Billinger loves the outdoors now that she is retired and has free time to explore the Oregon Coast. She collects most of her materials off the beaches and in the forest while walking or hiking. She will also be displaying some of her favorite photos in her Spotlight Show.

The show will also feature pieces by longtime Yaquina Art Association member Charlie Anderson, who died earlier this year after a long struggle with leukemia.

Anderson was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1946. His grandfather, mother and aunt were artists, so he thought that he should try painting also. His grandfather taught him the basics of photography and then then gave him his first camera. His mother was very talented in oil painting and encouraged him throughout his school years.

After retiring in 2001, he moved to the Oregon Coast, where his family had spent many of their vacations when he was a boy. It was at this time that he was able to focus solely on his art and on growing as an artist.

All profits from this show will go into a fund for art education, free art classes and preserving the association’s more-than-a-century old building.

The show will be on display through Friday, Nov. 8, available to view from 11 am to 4 pm at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, 789 NW Beach Drive.

• Interested in becoming a member of the Yaquina Art Association? Dues are $40 and 30 staffing hours a year. Membership forms are available at the gallery.

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