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By Joshua Feeny

The latest Spotlight Show from Newport’s Yaquina Art Association features the artwork of husband-and-wife duo Joshua and Megan Feeny.

From distant sunsets, to intimate close up views of ferns and moss, Megan Feeny expresses the light, movement and energy of nature in her oil paintings.

A long time Northwest artist, Megan has been an art Instructor and an artist represented by many galleries up and down the coasts of Oregon and Washington. She now shows exclusively at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, where she supports the association’s mission of inclusiveness and community outreach.

Megan showed an interest in art at an early age, watching TV’s “Romper Room,” for the craft segment, paper and crayons at the ready. She continued exploring art all throughout her life. She believes that everyone has an artistic nature, just expressed in many different ways. It could be in visual arts, gardening, writing, music or creative thinking.

Joshua Feeny’s Spotlight show will feature his photos and paintings. Joshua has found that he can express himself more with a brushstroke or the click of a camera than with words and believes that art is a form of expression, rather than a means to popularity or notoriety.

Van Gough has been a great influence on Joshua’s art. He appreciates his rebellious brush strokes of thick intense color, and painting what spoke to him rather than what the public perceived as “good” art.

Joshua was exposed to art in his early years. His mother would often bring him and his brother to art classes and shows, and art supplies were always available at home. Joshua always had a love for the romantic periods of history and it often reflected in murals on the walls of his bedroom. Having gone through some difficult personal times, he has once again reached out to art as a healing form of expression.

The show will be on display through Friday, Oct. 25, available to view from 11 am to 4 pm daily at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, 789 NW Beach Drive.

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