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By Eric Paukst

The latest Spotlight Show from Newport’s Yaquina Art Association features the fire-painted copper artwork of Eric Paukst alongside photographs by JerriLynn Woolley.

Eric Paukst is a late-in-life artist, starting his art career after retirement to Otter Rock several years ago. Driven by his creative energy (or is it an inability to focus?), he has dabbled in a number of different artistic media. His current passion, however, is fire-painted copper. Using this technique, Paukst heats copper to high temperatures to bring out its natural colors and then creates artistic designs by controlling the temperature, the rate of cooling and other factors. The designs can be enhanced through engraving or combined with other mixed media techniques to produce unique works of art.

JerriLynn Woolley is a local photographer who loves to capture images of the coast in all its moods. She loves sunrises and sunsets, boats in the bay, bridges, lighthouses and the coast. She loves to preserve a glimpse of history with her images. Woolley loves to hike and explore new places with her husband, Laren, so they are constantly taking new images to share. The Spotlight Show features some of her new images from along the Oregon Coast as well as some from the Southwest where she spent several weeks this past fall and spring.

The show will run through to Friday, Aug. 30, available to view 11 am to 5 pm daily at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, located in Nye Beach at 789 NW Beach Drive.

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