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The latest Spotlight Show from Newport’s Yaquina Art Association features artwork by Jennifer Lorre alongside pieces by Catherine Hingson.

Lorre studied graphic design in Southern California in the early ’90s, doing illustration work for bands and corporate collateral for tech companies.

Two years ago, she sold everything and hit the road with her dog Mazzy and cat Biggie in tow, looking for a new start and new inspiration. Once she saw the Oregon Coast she fell in love.

Vacillating between her passions for poetry and art, she is currently focused on drawing and painting, experimenting with the emotional connection art has to the human experience.

Her style is abstract expressionism, with Edward Munch being one of her favorite artists. Her childhood was influenced by the women in her life, her mother, both grandmothers and great grandmother were all artists themselves. Because of that, she always had a pencil and paper in hand and lots of art books to practice from.

Catherine Hingson has been painting for 30 years and a member of the Yaquina Art Association for the past five.

As a teacher and workshop instructor, Hingson enjoys a free and easy style of painting that is appealing to all levels. She encourages her students to play, let go of judgements and enjoy the process,

Hingson focuses on impressionistic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, a place she has called home most of her life. She has a sensual nature of art, depicting life through a combination of color, texture and symbolism in her paintings. As a multi-media artist, Hingson is known for her vivid and bold use of color in her impressionistic, marine related scenes.

The Spotlight Show will run through Friday, May 24, available to view from 11 am to 4 pm daily at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery, 789 NW Beach Drive.

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