Teatro Milagro will present an inspiring tale of perseverance and athleticism on Tuesday, March 12, when it offers a free performance of its newest production, “¡Corre! ¡Corre! A Race Against Time,” at the Lincoln City Cultural Center.

Inspired by the real-life stories of Tarahumara runners, “¡Corre! ¡Corre!” shares the story of a young girl and her coach, who sees her potential as an Olympic competitor. The story is told in English and Spanish, using mythical imagery, dance movement and poetic narrative.

Renowned for their incredible long-distance running ability, the indigenous Tarahumara live in the northwestern region of Mexico. Inspired by the real life stories of Raramuri runners, “¡Corre! ¡Corre!” tells the story of Estrella, a young village girl who becomes an Olympic competitor. Estrella and her family, like most Raramuri, live in extreme poverty. Training for the Olympics means becoming “Chabochi” and giving in to modern ways, but winning a race could mean a cash prize greater than a month’s wages. Already Estrella’s older brother Rahui has been forced into working for the drug cartel and the villagers are contemplating inviting tourism. With the help of her trainer and strength from the wisdom of Rayenari the sun god and Metzaka the moon goddess, she will run to win and run to save her village.

“¡Corre! ¡Corre!” was written by seasoned Milagro lead teaching artist and resident playwright Ajai Terrazas Tripathi. Teatro Milagro’s new team of touring artists includes Cindy Angel in the lead role of Estrella, Marissa Sanchez as her sister Alma and Metzaka the moon and Eduardo Vasquez as the brother Rahui and the moth. Terrazas Tripathi also performs in the roles of Carlos the trainer, Rayenari the sun and Gano the rock giant. Costumes were created by Joeanally Gonzalez, music by Lawrence Siulagi and Teatro Milagro’s signature mural by Tomas Rivero.

“¡Corre! ¡Corre!” opened in July, performing for summer school programs in Hillsboro Beaverton and Cornelius, reaching 852 audience members.

The Lincoln City performance will start at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 12, at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy. 101. Seating is first-come-first-served, with the doors set to open at 6 pm. Tickets are not required.

In addition to Tuesday’s free community performance, “¡Corre! ¡Corre!” will also be performed during the school day for 315 fifth and sixth grade students from Taft Elementary School. Limited tickets for those morning shows may be available, for details call Niki Price at 541-994-9994.

The Lincoln City performance of “¡Corre! ¡Corre!” is sponsored by grants from the Sponenburgh Memorial Trust and the Oneatta Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, along with a generous lodging sponsorship by Surftides Lincoln City. The project is also supported by Family Promise of Lincoln County, the Lincoln County School District and the team from new nonprofit, Music Is Instrumental.

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