1 Socializes (with)

6 With 20-Across, fire the whole staff

11 Most exorbitant

19 Showing more craft

20 See 6-Across

21 Artillery

22 With 105-Across, “What walks on four dino legs in the morning, four dino legs at noon and four dino legs in the evening?” and other riddles?

24 Genre for “Rush Hour” and “Lethal Weapon”

25 Oversupplies

26 The band Ben Folds Five, oddly

27 The “A” of BART

28 Any nonzero number to the zeroth power

29 “Little Women” sister

30 Pioneering silent director Weber

31 Bitter

33 Shopping binge

35 Says “Quack” instead of “Buzz”?

39 Like Cinderella’s stepsisters

40 Like tennis player Anna Smashnova’s name

41 “High-five!”

42 Melodic opera passages

45 Something a new parent might take

47 Audio engineer’s device

51 Tables in an Old West saloon, e.g.?

55 “My Gal ____”

56 Admirer’s words

57 Source of hand-me-downs

58 Unloading sign

60 The stuff of legends

61 Member of the Be Sharps, Homer Simpson’s barbershop quartet

62 Kerfuffle

64 Olympic powerhouse in boxing

65 Confuse “stem” with “stern,” e.g.

68 Claude ____, villain in “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”

72 Some Dior dresses

74 Change to the Constitution first proposed in 1921, for short

75 Chess gambit employed by gangster Tony Montana?

78 Separate

80 Invite out for

81 Things that may be kicked

82 Verse, quaintly

84 English novelist McEwan

85 “Je t’____”

86 Claims that Louis XIV’s palace is better than all the other buildings in France combined?

93 In the middle of, old-style

94 Parishioner’s offering

95 Menaces to Indiana Jones

96 Really big show

98 Side in checkers

99 Not tread lightly

100 Advertising claim that usually has a catch

101 Animal with a flexible snout

102 “From my standpoint …”

105 See 22-Across

108 Most brave

109 Increase

110 Start to type?

111 Nickname for the capital of the Peach State

112 KFC order

113 Groups of stars


1 Site of a 1920s renaissance

2 Relative of a guinea pig

3 Last innings, typically

4 Figures out

5 Sign of theatrical success

6 Subject of a fund-raiser

7 Thelma’s road-trip partner

8 Currency with a “zone”

9 Tempe sch.

10 Old game console, for short

11 Nickname

12 Aligned

13 Icelandic literary work

14 Where a tunnel opens

15 “You’ll ____ for this!”

16 Extra couple of numbers?

17 Tea treats

18 Mobile home not much seen nowadays

19 Bygone N.Y.C. punk club

23 Informer

27 “____ longa, vita brevis”

30 Brings from outside with great effort

31 A in physics

32 Trig ratios

33 Pack rat

34 User of the Twitter handle @Pontifex

36 Target number

37 It’s a blessing

38 Person who helps with a crash, informally

42 Large wardrobe

43 Finds hilarious, perhaps

44 Deduce

46 A doctor might check them

48 Together

49 Full-bodied Argentine wines

50 Word often said with a drawn-out “e” sound

51 Took shots

52 Single squat or crunch

53 Small goofs

54 Craft in a close encounter

59 54-Down genre

61 ____-compliant

63 Doomed to fail, for short

66 Motorcade head

67 Tender feelings

69 Debonair

70 La-la interval

71 Sierra ____

72 Friend of Athos and Porthos

73 Smear in print

76 “GoodFellas” co-star

77 Onetime fad item with replacement seeds

79 Culmination

83 Songs to be played at a concert

85 Gives the nod

86 Has because of

87 Portmanteau for a TV addict

88 Inc. relative

89 ____ to go

90 Some deals from dealerships

91 Whiz

92 Church toppers

93 Completely destroy

97 Approximately

99 Hammer part

100 Half-man/half-goat

101 “Toodle-oo!”

103 South, in Brazil

104 Texted question to someone who hasn’t shown up yet

105 Automotive initialism

106 Louis XIV, e.g.

107 Key in a corner

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