Word Nerd: Dock

“Dock and Clouds, Astoria, Oregon”

Dock [dɒk]

1. a jetty or pier or wharf, often wooden, that projects out over a body of water and is used for the landing and moorage of boats and the loading and unloading of materials. Docks can be either permanent or impermanent and can be fastened to the sea bed or the bottom of a lake, river or bay by pilings. They can also be constructed to float by utilizing floatation devices, such as barrels, in combination with some type of anchorage

2. the open waterway between two constructed piers used to receive boats

3. any platform or entrance used exclusively for the loading or unloading of goods

4. a hub used to connect a mobile device, such as a laptop or smartphone, for charging, connectivity and access to networked devices, such as additional printers and monitors; a docking station

5. to moor a ship

6. to attach two objects, such as mobile device to a desktop computer or to join two spacecrafts in outer space

7. to penalize through deduction of either points, money or time

The noun referring to a physical structure erected for the mooring of ships enters English in 1552 from the Middle Dutch or Middle Low German docke. The original meaning, first recorded in 1513, referred to the hollow or impression left by a ship run aground. Use as a verb followed shortly in the decade of the 1510s and much later evolved into computer and space program jargon. Its history as a verb meaning “deduction” relates back to the Middle English verb and noun dok, which referred to the act of lobbing off an animal’s tail as well as to the tail itself.

“The first ever ‘Shop the Dock’ tours in Clatsop County highlighted Warrenton’s seafood offerings.

Despite the area’s long history of fishing and seafood processing — and even though the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean are right there — how to actually lay hands on freshly caught seafood can be a mystery for many residents without ties to the commercial fishing industry.”

—​ Katie Frankowicz, “Shop the Dock debuts in Warrenton,” The Daily Astorian, July 17, 2017

“Warrenton Police are searching for a man who allegedly stole a boat Wednesday morning that was docked at the Skipanon Marina.”

—​ Jack Heffernan, “Warrenton Police search for boat thief,” The Daily Astorian, July 14, 2017

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