Ben Franklin

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by Joseph Duplessis

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail,” is especially relevant this weekend on the North Coast.

The delta variant of the coronavirus has caused many organizations and businesses to closely evaluate how to best navigate this time. Their choices aren’t easy, because most are also still in the middle of staffing shortages while handling a large influx of summer visitors.

Some businesses may choose to reduce hours or close. Organizers may cancel entire events. Bars and restaurants may require proof of vaccination to enter. Places that stay open will take on an overflow from other business closures.

If you choose to do anything that involves a local business or event on the North Coast this weekend, it’s important to plan as much as possible. If you have been vaccinated, keep proof on your mobile device or a copy of it printed out in your pocket. Masks are required indoors in public spaces, as well as at most outdoor events. You will want to keep them readily available and even consider bringing a backup in case you misplace one.

Prepare for long wait times by calling ahead and making a reservation if possible. It’s common for restaurants during this time to be fully-booked days in advance.

Google can be deceiving, as some establishments may suddenly close if an employee tests positive for the coronavirus or if they are short staffed. Your best chance for planning a successful visit is checking social media accounts ahead of time, as most will post updates about closures there. Checking before you go will be a lot less frustrating than walking a mile to a business, only to be greeted with a dark building and a “closed” sign.

The beauty of the North Coast is even if your original plan doesn’t work out, we’re surrounded by amazing alternatives outside. A birthday dinner could become a birthday picnic. Concert tickets may turn into an evening listening to the waves.

No matter what, please also prepare to be respectful of others. After all, Franklin also famously said “He that can have patience can have what he will.”

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