Filling the pages of an arts and entertainment publication focused on weekend events during a pandemic isn’t always easy.

The words you’re reading in Coast Weekend today were finalized late last week. As the editor, I try to forecast what’s in store for a great weekend on the coast, but there are roadblocks along the way.

Some events get canceled after the publication is printed, while others don’t come across the news desk until it’s too late to include them. With no clear end in sight to this time of uncertainty, it seems practical for Coast Weekend to also focus on the things that won’t change. The people, the places, the flavors and the personality of the North Coast.

It’s Coast Weekend’s objective to provide as much value as possible to our readers. To make the printed page reflect the heart of the community, Coast Weekend is searching for freelance writers and photographers who have expertise in topics that are popular in this area of Washington state and Oregon.

If you’re an adventurer who doesn’t shy away from exploring and sharing some of the lesser-known hiking or sightseeing spots on the North Coast, you could make an excellent Coast Weekend travel writer.

Craft beer geeks who love discussing the local trends, ingredients and new releases could turn their hobby of sipping on a pint into a Coast Weekend craft brewing column.

If you’re passionate about gardening, you might be the perfect fit to become a regular writer about planting flowers and produce in our unique climate.

If you have a desire to write about or take photos of a topic you know well, we want to hear from you.

To apply, email a short writing sample and brief summary of what you feel you can contribute to Coast Weekend.

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