During the last two months, I’ve spent more time than ever at home.

Before Oregon’s stay-at-home order, I rarely was home long enough to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day, let alone several days a week. Now that staying home has become routine, not only am I eating my meals at home, I’m becoming more familiar with my space.

I’ve learned the nooks and crannies of my small home in ways that felt like I didn’t have time to before. I’ve attempted to maintain balance by sitting on different portions of the couch. While working at my dining room table, I’ve wondered how to make my “workstation” more comfortable.

When I’ve had the time and energy, I’ve tried redecorating my space to make it feel like it’s my own. At other times, I’ve researched ways to reduce my carbon footprint by using low-waste and reusable products.

All of these things are trivial and seem unimportant versus the bigger and more urgent things going on in the world. But when I take a moment to look around, my focus shifts away from the push notifications on my phone, to ideas on how I can improve my space so that it’s a home of my own. It may seem silly but it’s been a way for me to move forward while staying (safely) put.

Have you made changes to improve your home recently? Is there an area of your home, or an item, that brings you comfort? Send me a note at aevans@dailyastorian.com. Photos are welcome, too. Your submission might just make it into a future edition of Coast Weekend.

To everyone who has participated in Coast Weekend’s contests, thank you. It’s been a joy to see everyone’s submissions.

The winners of the pet photo contest will be published in next week’s edition. Winners of the cooking contest will be announced the second week of June.

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