Earlier this month, we hit the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic. This past year has brought a variety of changes to North Coast residents, ranging from wearing masks while grocery shopping to spending more time than ever at home.

It’s no surprise that the pandemic left many people feeling like they’re stuck or that their lives have been paused.

But for some local residents, the pausing effect of the pandemic led to major life changes. Residents opened new businesses like restaurants and art galleries. People moved from their homes to the North Coast for the first time. Others moved away. Some people started new jobs. People started new relationships. Others ended relationships. Many others made other life changes.

An upcoming edition of Coast Weekend will recognize readers who made life changes during the pandemic. If you are interested in sharing your story about a life change you made during the past year, send an email to aevans@dailyastorian.com. Entries should be limited to 400 words. Please include your name and town of residence in your email.

Book club coming up

Book cover

The cover of ‘Intention Tremor’ by Tamara Kaye Sellman.

Coast Weekend will hold its monthly book club via Zoom and Facebook on April 14. The virtual event will feature Tamara Kaye Sellman, author of “Intention Tremor.” The book features poems about Sellman’s experience of living with multiple sclerosis. During the event, participants can ask Sellman questions during a Q&A session.

In late April, a selection of readers’ spring-themed or locally-themed poetry will be published. To participate, send no more than three poems by April 11 to aevans@dailyastorian.com. In your email, include your name and town of residence.

If you have a story idea or event you’d like to share with Coast Weekend, send an email to aevans@dailyastorian.com.

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