Alyssa Evans

Alyssa Evans.

Jan Bono (copy)

Jan Bono

This week marks the 11th and final entry in Coast Weekend’s fiction writing series. Here is ‘Beyond Basic Brown’ by author Jan Bono, of Long Beach, Washington.

‘Beyond Basic Brown’

“Brown eyes are so boring,” I said aloud. I made a face at myself in the mirror.

“Boring?” asked my boyfriend, coming up behind me. “Are you serious?”

I turned to look at him, and he gently cupped his hands around my face. “Sorry, but I see anything but boring in your eyes.”

I coyly smiled. “Then tell me—what do you see?”

He briefly pondered my question, then softly said, “I see something even better than chocolate. In your eyes I see a kindness that is warm and soothing, like the milk and molasses Mother mixed to make us as strong as Clydesdale horses and polished parlor mahogany.”

“Oohhh!” I said, intrigued. “Please go on.”

He laughed. “Now you’re just being greedy.”

“One good compliment will sustain me all day,” I replied.

“Okay then.” He cleared his throat. “Your eyes are deeper than amber honey, and doe-nurturing gentle as the first fawn of spring. They are cinnamon sincere, yet root beer surprising, like the unbridled effervescent joy of summer vacation, running barefoot through squishy river mud.”

“My eyes remind you of summer’s squishy river mud?”

He shook his head. “In your eyes I see every season, but mostly autumn, the time of pecan gathering, when the leaves are trodden dark, and we sip mulled cider, and toast marshmallows on fall’s fireplace hearths.”

I sighed contentedly.

“I see all these things and more, my love, reflected in your amazing hazel eyes.”

It was enough to last me all week.

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