The voting period ends on Feb. 28 for the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Vote online at or through the print ballot inserted in this edition. North Coast businesses, places and activities will be honored in the March 18 edition of Coast Weekend.

Readers sent in more than 5,700 nominations for a variety of businesses, places and activities during the contest’s nomination period, which was held for three weeks in January. These nominations determined who and what is listed on this year’s ballot — each listing comes directly from readers.

Since the nomination period closed, readers have sent in more than 20,000 votes during the few weeks that the contest has been open. Readers have been limited to one nomination and vote per person this year, which has allowed the contest to be more equitable among those who received nominations.

In March, like usual, Coast Weekend will celebrate those who have been nominated and voted for in a special edition. Unlike previous years, however, this edition won’t solely focus on the contest itself. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this past year has been unlike any other on the North Coast. Our local institutions have struggled throughout this past year of forced closures and lost income.

In March, we’ll still honor the establishments that readers have nominated and voted for. But we’ll also honor all of the North Coast — the establishments that have survived thus far, those that closed during the pandemic and those that are new to the area. We hope to celebrate each other’s efforts, not to bring one another down during this already difficult time.

Thank you to all who have participated in the contest so far. All of your nominations, votes and messages of feedback are appreciated.

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