Focus, people!

Coast Weekend’s 2018 Photo Contest opens Friday, Nov. 9, and closes midnight Sunday, Dec. 9.

The Daily Astorian staff will choose the top 10, and you have a chance to weigh in, too. The public can vote online for People’s Choice from Monday, Dec. 10, through Sunday, Dec. 16.

One important (ahem) development: We’re accepting digital photos only, no physical copies. However, anyone is free to scan photos and upload them to the online platform.

The subject matter is wide open (let’s keep it G-rated, though, OK?). Last year’s best included a brilliant sunrise bursting through a stand of trees, a fluffy fog blanket beneath the Astoria Bridge, a Columbia River Bar pilot boarding a ship, and a slew of sunsets and coastal creatures.

Whether you capture city life or the natural world, whether your photos are carefully planned portraits or spontaneous snapshots, whether you train your lens on the heavens or the earth, this contest is about what draws you into wonder and sharing it with our readers.

Entrants may play with cropping, toning, color saturation and make other minor enhancements, but they may not add or remove objects within the frame, or doctor images such that the final product doesn’t represent what’s actually before the camera. (Only photographers from Oregon and Washington may submit work.)

The winners will appear in the Jan. 3, 2019, print edition of Coast Weekend; the top 25 will appear online.

Along with the usual awards — gift cards for first, second and third place, and People’s Choice — we have another: The best photos of the Columbia-Pacific region will appear in Our Coast Magazine 2019, due out early next year.

So go ahead, photogs — take your best shot! Submit photos here.

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