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Thank you for your participation throughout the year, especially the past few weeks. From the Coast Weekend Photo Contest to the nominations for people making a difference in our community, your voice matters and your votes count.

And now, perhaps the most anticipated voting campaign of the Coast Weekend year: it’s time for Readers’ Choice!

Nominations are now open for all readers to have the opportunity to nominate and eventually vote on the best of our region. From businesses to bartenders, birdwatching sites to bookstores, it’s up to you to reward those businesses owners, employees, organizations and protected areas that make us one of the best destinations in the state, and more importantly, one of the best places to call home.

Nominations kick off tomorrow and will be accepted in print and online until Tuesday, Jan. 21, at midnight. The Readers’ Choice nomination ballot can be found on the back cover of this issue or online at under the “Readers’ Choice” tab.

Write in your nominations for the sections offered. Or, if you’re especially passionate, pick just a couple and send us the names of people, places and things we shouldn’t forget to include as we move into the voting portion of Readers’ Choice.

Voting kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 28, and will close Sunday, Feb. 23, at midnight.

Readers’ Choice winners will be announced in Coast Weekend on Thursday, March 19.

Readers’ Choice, one of Coast Weekend’s most engaging campaigns, is what it is because of readers like you who take the time to participate. We can’t wait to celebrate the best of our region.

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