Lucy Kleiner

One of my earliest memories took place in the grocery store’s produce section. I was 5 years old, trailing behind my mom as she shopped, absorbed in a chapter book about a magical tree house. As she sorted apples and loaded our cart, I kept my nose in my book, blind to my surroundings and unaware of the precarious display of fruit in front of me – until I ran straight into it.

I remember my mother’s laughter as we picked the fruit up off the floor. “I know you love to read,” she said to me, “but can you please put the book down for just a few minutes?”

I never really put the books down. I have always loved stories, a simple fact that guided me toward a career of storytelling. As the new Coast Weekend editor, I am eager to continue to share the stories that shape this region.

Throughout the summer, I reported on stories throughout the North Coast for The Astorian. I learned from national park rangers and bilingual school teachers, got my shoes dirty at local farms and stayed up late covering everything from historical festivals to city council meetings.

The area’s community, climate and culture enchanted me, and I am excited to continue highlighting these happenings.

Before coming to the coast, I earned a bachelor’s of science degree in journalism and bachelor’s of arts degree in international studies from the University of Oregon. As a bilingual journalist, I have reported stories from the Amazonian jungles, Andean mountains and Panamanian coast lines.

Last year, I worked with a recently retired editor from National Geographic to tell stories of climate change in the Willamette Valley. I was also the co-editor of OR Magazine and Student Travel Magazine. I’ve written and photographed stories for Pamplin Media throughout the Portland area and worked as a writer for a documentary production company.

I grew up in the woods outside of Portland and attended a Spanish immersion elementary school and an environmental sciences middle school.

If you are interested in freelancing or have a story or calendar listing you’d like to share, you can reach me at or 503-310-7142 (text and call).

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about my story. I am thrilled to learn yours.

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