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A few weeks ago, I hosted two virtual game nights: one with high school friends and the other with local friends. The setup was simple. Both nights, my friends and I gathered through a video chat. Then, I shared my computer screen to play a virtual game, like trivia. Read more

During recent weeks, I’ve found it increasingly important to find something positive in each day. This has been comfortingly easy to do, as our community has continued to stay strong and support each other, despite the hardships we face because of coronavirus. Read more

Coast Weekend aims to serve residents by providing information on events and other news of interest along the coast. During the next few weeks, the publication’s coverage will be adapted to represent the coast’s current culture. Read more

The new year has already brought a number of changes to us all. The feeling of a fresh start, the turn of the decade, the first dustings of snow — intermixed with sunny, bluebird days. Read more

Thank you for your participation throughout the year, especially the past few weeks. From the Coast Weekend Photo Contest to the nominations for people making a difference in our community, your voice matters and your votes count. Read more

Our Clatsop and Pacific community is built by the humans that call this place home and carried on the backs of the countless people that dedicate their lives to bettering our surroundings. Read more