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The new year has already brought a number of changes to us all. The feeling of a fresh start, the turn of the decade, the first dustings of snow — intermixed with sunny, bluebird days. Read more

The new year has already brought a number of changes to us all. The feeling of a fresh start, the turn of the decade, the first dustings of snow — intermixed with sunny, bluebird days. Read more

Thank you for your participation throughout the year, especially the past few weeks. From the Coast Weekend Photo Contest to the nominations for people making a difference in our community, your voice matters and your votes count. Read more

Our Clatsop and Pacific community is built by the humans that call this place home and carried on the backs of the countless people that dedicate their lives to bettering our surroundings. Read more

Now is the time to show us what you’ve seen — and photographed — this year. Our 2019 Coast Weekend Photo Contest is happening now, and we’re eager to see the coasts of northern Oregon and southern Washington through your eyes. Read more

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Last week, I sat down with David Campiche, a longtime Coast Weekend contributor and his wife, Laurie Anderson, whose cranberry pot roast, original pumpkin pie recipes and apple pie were recently featured in this publication’s dining section. Read more

I sat down with Kati Claborn and Luke Ydstie of The Hackles band, whose new album drops Friday. Here’s a Q&A session from our chat. For more about the band, their creative process and their connections to Astoria, check out the story on page 10. Read more

Last week, I connected with Kathryn Claire, a musician based in Portland who lived in Astoria during the start of her musical career 20 years ago. On Friday, she came back for an evening performance at KALA. Claire and her two bandmates filled the venue and put on a beautiful, intimate show.… Read more

One of my earliest memories took place in the grocery store’s produce section. I was 5 years old, trailing behind my mom as she shopped, absorbed in a chapter book about a magical tree house. As she sorted apples and loaded our cart, I kept my nose in my book, blind to my surroundings and un… Read more

The best story ideas are often ones that someone tells you about. A recent example of this is a story on Lia Ditton, a rower who recently took her rowboat from the Mouth of the Columbia River to San Francisco. She is training to make the arduous trek across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Sa… Read more

When I interviewed co-founders of Pier Pressure Productions Susi Brown and Daric Moore before the grand opening production featuring Alan Ayckbourn’s “Henceforward,” the duo were on the cusp of seeing a year’s worth of hard work pay off. Read more

Community produced events are the lifeblood of the artistic community on the Columbia-Pacific. From theater, to music to dance, our coast has it all. And it does it well. Read more

What a summer it has been. While our sunny weather has been spotty, the Columbia-Pacific truly remains the place to be for all things culture. From festivals to concerts, art walks, theater productions, pop-up and outdoor events, we live in area rich with things to do. Read more

It is starting to feel like fall. As the weeks left of summer are getting shorter and it’s gradually starting to get darker earlier, make this the weekend you get outside. Read more

Rain. It’s one of the most consistent features on the North Oregon and Southwest Washington coasts. Capable of influencing the mood of any particular day with sprinkles, showers or down pours, it’s what unites us as residents of this often wet area. Read more

Last week, a little more than a dozen community members representing diverse organizations gathered in the Flag room at the Astoria Library to discuss with editors the best ways to get their news in the The Astorian and Coast Weekend. Read more

When I need a reminder of why I got into the business of storytelling, the candid, confessional, two-hour discussion among Get Lit at the Beach’s guest authors is like a call from mission control. Read more

For many of us, the Buffalo Soldiers — the black servicemen who joined the U.S. military after the Civil War and helped stabilize the American West — are a historical blind spot. Apart from their sporadic appearances in pop culture courtesy of Bob Marley and Danny Glover, their contributions… Read more

In the late stages of gathering materials for Our Coast Magazine 2019, as production drew near, photographer Colin Murphey and I felt the first prickles of panic. Read more

Amid the kaleidoscopic blur of colors, compliments, cheese, crackers, loose conversations and winey revelry of a recent Astoria Art Walk, my attention was seized by a calendar for sale in the Pier 11 Building. Read more

How easy it is, when you’ve lived in an area long enough and the novelty starts to wane, to suddenly stop exploring it. I am fortunate, though, to have people in my life who sense when my routine may be calcifying into a rut, and politely pull me out of it. Read more

For decades, Duane Bolster, a harp builder from Portland, tried to learn one instrument after another — piano, clarinet, coronet, accordion — but reading music remained mysteriously difficult for him. He couldn’t comprehend how musicians sight-read so fluidly. Read more

Poems, stories and personal essays presented at the annual FisherPoets Gathering often ask: How can humans live in balance with the natural world, what do we lose when we don’t, and how do we communicate this message in a society running on self-interest and short attention spans? Read more

The Feb. 21 of Coast Weekend is devoted to the 22nd FisherPoets Gathering, with two profiles — Sierra Golden and Tom Hilton — a full feature and, in the print edition, an eight-page program insert for Gathering-goers. Read more

In the darkness, I bobbed supine on a 10-inch pool of water inside a chamber 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high. Read more

You’re at a well-attended event. The featured entertainer has wrapped up, and it’s time for the Q-and-A. You’re looking forward to a satisfying denouement. Read more