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A Facebook post from The Labor Temple Diner & Bar announced the staff would be given a paid week off work.

While scrolling through social media recently, a post from The Labor Temple Diner & Bar caught my attention.

The post from the Astoria restaurant included a picture of what looked like a receipt, but the paper wasn’t a bill.

Instead, it read: “Jeez, it has been a long summer, so we have decided to give our staff a week off (with pay.)” The post went on to explain that it’s been a long summer, and the owners were excited to return after the break.

The comments below from customers were nothing but supportive, and it’s a breath of fresh air in a time when reality can feel suffocating.

It’s undeniable that the service industry has shouldered the blow of the emotional landslide that comes with being in a pandemic. According to a study from the UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center in May, 80% of restaurant workers reported experiencing hostile behavior from customers in response to staff enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols.

On the North Coast, an influx of tourists during an employee and supply shortage added to these challenges. They’ve had to deal directly with frustration about long wait times, lack of open tables or fully-booked hotel rooms.

As the summer wraps up, Coast Weekend would like to spotlight service industry workers. If you’re a regular at your favorite establishment, just visiting the North Coast or even work aside someone you think should be recognized; we’d like to hear from you.

Please send in your pictures and stories for a feature showing the people who have worked hard to give visitors clean beds and entertainment, while keeping everyone on the North Coast happy and fed. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 30. All materials should be sent to

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