Enjoy the top shots from our 2019 Coast Weekend Photo Contest. With 349 entries, all our photographers submitted outstanding work. The creativity blew the judges at E.O. Media Group away.

It was rejuvenating to look at our coastal beauty through all of their eyes, and we're thrilled to share these winners and Honorable Mentions, as selected by our judges, with you all. 

The First Place winner, Robin Montero's "Astoria Trolley Ride," captured not only history, but also our hearts. The image was framed perfectly, and the shared expression of two very different faces is pure magic. 

The Second Place winner, Samantha Kaiser's "Becoming a clammer," is a beautiful reflection of what makes this region special. The contest drew a number of beautiful beach sunset shots, but this image harnessed not only the power of nature, but the power of family and tradition.

The Third Place winner, Melissa Jensen's "Moonrise over the Willapa Bay," took a relatively ordinary place and documented it at an extraordinary moment. The white glow of the moon mixed with the tangerine specks of artificial light cast an eery, beautiful mood over the bay. 

The People's Choice winner, Trisha Payne's "Pacific Dreams," catches a beautifully composed sunset at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. Payne's fantastic photo was selected by public voters online. 

If you want to see more, head to the "photo contest" tab on our website, coastweekend.com, where the top 25 photos are on display. 

Thank you again to everyone who participated and captured moments of curiosity, chaos, wonder and joy. These places reiterate how lucky we are to call the Columbia-Pacific home. 

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