2018 Readers' Choice Awards


Best Antique Store

1. Vintage Hardware, Astoria

2. Farmhouse Funk, Astoria

3. Phog Bounders Antique Mall, Astoria

Best Apartment Complex

1. Illahee Apartments, Astoria

2. Gearhart by the Sea, Gearhart

3. Sunset Surf Apartments, Seaside

Best Art Gallery

1. RiverSea Gallery, Astoria

2. Don Nisbett Art Gallery, Ilwaco

3. Imogen Gallery, Astoria

Best Automotive Shop

1. Jim Varner’s Automotive, Astoria

2. Lum’s Auto Center, Warrenton

3. Box K Auto Repair, Seaview

Best Barbershop

1. Eleventh Street Barber, Astoria

2. Astoria Barber

3. Hygge Hair Company, Astoria

Best Bookstore

1. Lucy’s Books, Astoria

2. Time Enough Books, Ilwaco

3. Beach Books, Seaside

Best Bud

1. Sweet Relief, Astoria

2. Five Zero Trees, Astoria

3. The Farmacy, Astoria

Best Car Dealership

1. Lum’s Auto Center, Warrenton

2. Astoria Ford

3. Warrenton Kia

Best Customer Service

1. Street 14 Cafe, Astoria

2. The Rusty Cup, Astoria

3. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

Best Dance Studio

1. Astoria Arts & Movement Center

2. Encore Dance Studio, Warrenton/Gearhart

3. Maddox Dance Studio, Warrenton

Best Day Spa

1. Malama Day Spa, Astoria

2. Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa, Astoria

3. Azure Salon and Spa, Ilwaco

Best Florist

1. Bloomin’ Crazy Floral, Astoria

2. Erickson Floral Company, Astoria

3. Artistic Bouquets & More, Seaview

Best Garden Center

1. Brim’s Farm & Garden, Astoria

2. Basketcase Greenhouse, Long Beach

3. Dennis’ 7 Dees, Seaside

Best Gift Shop

1. Finn Ware, Astoria

2. Farmhouse Funk, Astoria

3. Luminari Arts, Astoria

Best Grocery Store

1. Astoria Co-op

2. Main St. Market, Warrenton

3. Fred Meyer, Warrenton

Best Gym

1. SNAP Fitness, Long Beach

2. Astoria Aquatic Center

3. Clatsop Community College, Astoria

Best Hair Salon

1. Salon Boheme, Astoria

2. Hygge Hair Co., Astoria

3. Azure Salon & Spa, Ilwaco

Best Home Improvement

1. City Lumber, Astoria

2. Home Depot, Warrenton

3. Astoria Vintage Hardware

Best Hotel

1. Cannery Pier Hotel, Astoria

2. Adrift Hotel, Long Beach

3. Hotel Elliott, Astoria

Best Live Theater

1. Liberty Theatre, Astoria

2. Astor Street Opry Company, Astoria

3. Coaster Theatre, Cannon Beach

Best Local Physician

1. Angela Stock Narin (Pacific Family Medicine)

2. Kevin J. Baxter (Columbia Memorial Hospital)

3. Robbie Law, Astoria

Best Radio Station

1. KMUN/KTCB/KCPB Coast Community Radio

2. KLMY Clammy 99.7 FM

3. KRKZ Hits 94.3

Best Real Estate Business

1. Lighthouse Realty, Long Beach

2. Area Properties, Astoria

3. Pacific Pro Realty, Astoria

Best Seafood Market

1. Warrenton Deep Sea Crab & Fishmarket, Warrenton

2. Northwest Wild Products, Astoria

3. OleBob’s Seafood Market and Galley, Ilwaco

Best Tech/Computer Repair

1. Mossy Tech, Astoria

2. Ben’s Computer Store, Inc., Warrenton

3. Astoria’s Best

Best Thrift Shop

1. NW Community Alliance Thrift Store, Astoria

2. Watch Me Grow, Astoria

3. Goodwill, Warrenton

Best Yoga

1. RiverZen Yoga, Astoria

2. Yoga Gypsy, Astoria

3. Astoria Arts & Movement Center


Best Asian Food

1. Nisa’s Thai Kitchen, Warrenton

2. Golden Star Restaurant, Astoria

3. Busu, Astoria

Best Bakery

1. Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe, Astoria

2. Cottage Bakery, Long Beach

2. Home Bakery, Astoria

Best Bar

1. Inferno Lounge, Astoria

2. T Paul’s Supper Club, Astoria

3. Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro

Best Barista

1. Kristy Cross (The Rusty Cup, Astoria)

2. Chloe Cox-Brown (The Rusty Cup, Astoria)

3. Melissa Cutting (ROOTS Juice, Java, and Salad Bar, Ilwaco)

Best Bartender

1. Cory Teubner (Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro)

2. Jeany Birdeno (Merry Time Bar and Grill)

3. Juan Meza (Shelburne Pub, Seaview)

Best Breakfast Spot

1. Arnie’s Cafe, Warrenton

2. Street 14 Cafe, Astoria

3. Columbian Cafe, Astoria

Best Brewpub

1. Fort George Brewery, Astoria

2. Buoy Beer Co., Astoria

3. North Jetty Brewing, Seaview

Best Burger

1. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

2. Portway Tavern, Astoria

3. Dairy Maid, Warrenton

Best Catering

1. Baked Alaska, Astoria

2. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

4. The Cove Restaurant, Long Beach

Best Chef

1. Michael Lalewicz (The Depot Restaurant, Seaview)

2. Dan Brownson (Carruthers, Astoria)

3. Andrew Catalano (Street 14 Cafe)

Best Clam Chowder

1. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

2. Buoy Beer Co., Astoria

3. Silver Salmon, Astoria

Best Coffee

1. Street 14 Cafe, Astoria

2. The Rusty Cup, Astoria

3. 3 Cups Coffee House, Astoria

Best Desserts

1. Frite & Scoop, Astoria

2. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

3. Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro

Best Fine Dining

1. The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

2. Carruthers, Astoria

3. T Paul’s Supper Club, Astoria

Best Fish and Chips

1. The Bow Picker, Astoria

2. Enola’s Ship Out, Astoria

3. Buoy Beer Co., Astoria

Best Happy Hour

1. T Paul’s Supper Club, Astoria

2. Carruthers, Astoria

3. Baked Alaska, Astoria

Best Lunch Spot

1. T Paul’s Urban Cafe, Astoria

2. Buoy Beer Co., Astoria

3. Street 14 Cafe, Astoria

Best Mexican Food

1. La Cabaña de Raya, Astoria

2. El Catrin Mexican Restaurant, Warrenton

3. The Stand, Seaside

Best Pizza

1. Fultano’s Pizza, Astoria

2. Fort George Brewery, Astoria

3. Inferno Lounge, Astoria

Best Restaurant for Kids

1. Pig ‘N Pancake, Astoria

2. The Lost Roo, Long Beach

3. Frite & Scoop, Astoria

Best Server

1. Kendall Padgett-McEuen (Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro)

2. Don Porter (The Depot Restaurant, Seaview)

3. Michelle Pierce (Doogers, Warrenton)

Best Wine Bar/Shop

1. WineKraft, Astoria

2. The Wine Shack, Cannon Beach

3. The Cellar on 10th, Astoria


Best Birdwatching Site

1. Leadbetter Point State Park, Ocean Park

2. Astoria Riverwalk

3. Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, Ilwaco

Best Cheap Date

1. The Beach

2. Columbian Theater, Astoria

3. Astoria Sunday Market

Best Farmers Market

1. Astoria Sunday Market

2. Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco

3. Manzanita Farmer’s Market

Best Golf Course

1. Astoria Golf & Country Club, Warrenton

2. Surfside Golf Course, Ocean Park

3. Peninsula Golf Course, Long Beach

Best Hiking Trail

1. Discovery Trail, Long Beach Peninsula

2. Cape Disappointment State Park trails, Ilwaco

3. Cathedral Tree Trail, Astoria

Best Local Festival

1. Washington State International Kite Festival, Long Beach

2. Astoria Pride

3. Astoria-Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival

Best Local Sports Team

1. Seaside High School Gulls — football

2. Ilwaco High School Fishermen — wrestling

3. Astoria High School Fishermen — football

Best Museum

1. Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria

2. Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, Ilwaco

3. Heritage Museum, Astoria

Best Music Venue

1. Liberty Theatre, Astoria

2. Fort George Brewery, Astoria

3. Sou’wester Lodge, Seaview

Best Neighborhood Park

1. Tapiola Skate Park, Astoria

2. Fred Lindstrom Memorial Park (aka Peter Pan Park), Astoria

3. Black Lake, Ilwaco

Best Place to Walk

1. Astoria Riverwalk

2. The Beach

3. Discovery Trail, Long Beach Peninsula

Best Tourist Attraction

1. Astoria Column

2. The Beach

3. Astoria’s breweries / Cape Disappointment State Park / North Head Lighthouse (three-way tie)

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