The results of Coast Weekend’s last Lockdown Lowdown contest are here.

During the past few months, hundreds of residents along the North Coast and in southwest Washington participated in Coast Weekend’s six Lockdown Lowdown contests. We aimed to create a positive space to come together during the coronavirus pandemic. And with the help of reader submissions and votes, we succeeded.

We asked readers to submit a photo of a homemade meal, accompanied by a recipe, for the last Lockdown Lowdown contest. We received a total of 16 submissions, ranging from smoothies to crab cakes, and even to graduation cakes.

Like the other Lockdown Lowdown contests, the entries showcase the spirit of the North Coast, many of which feature homegrown ingredients.

The contest’s top three winners will receive a gift certificate to either The Logger or Trina & Ron’s Place. Gift cards are funded through a grant by Northwest Oregon Works and Oregon Coast Today.

Tied for first place is Debra Twombly, of Astoria, and Ramona Ulbricht, of Ocean Park, Washington. In third place is Rosemary Johnson, of Astoria.

Twombly’s dish is a homemade country omelet, with ingredients sourced from her garden in Brownsmead.

Ulbricht’s recipe is a sweet dish called ‘smudgies,’ which features chocolate, sprinkles and fun.

Johnson’s recipe is for a homemade grilled cheese sandwich, with a twist. Added to her dish is tomato and bacon.

To view all of the submitted recipes, visit Thanks to all who participated.

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