Missy Harley is the bartender at the Triangle Tavern.

Not unlike its Bermuda counterpart, the Triangle Tavern on Marine Drive is a fine place to lose some time. There is a sense of timelessness in the air. I recently sought some refuge there on a padded stool during a particularly torrential afternoon, and refuge was certainly found.

Along with Worker’s and the Portway down the road, Uniontown may have claim to some of the friendliest bars in the world, and the Triangle is definitely among them. It has all the trappings of a classic Astoria bar, including the door cut into the floor for shanghaiing sailors.

In fact, there’s some debate about which is the longest-standing establishment in town – the Triangle or the Portway – both of which have their loyalists and a history just murky enough to keep the debate rolling.

I met an old fixture at the bar named Randy who referred to the Triangle as “my other living room.” Randy spilled a little of the building’s history for me, including the fact that he’d done the carpentry to repair the original stools we sat on – as have countless others since the Triangle opened as a luncheonette during Prohibition.

Randy claimed the Triangle obtained the first liquor license in town after America’s dry spell. Until just a few years ago, the Triangle was a true tavern, slinging just beer and wine. But it has changed hands a number of times in recent memory, with Jim and Carol Major, owners of the Long Beach Tavern on the peninsula, taking over stewardship this last June.

This drink, bartender Missy Harley told me, harkens back to the last era of ownership, when the joint was run by Mark and Nadine Cearley. Nadine’s sister, Marsha, came in on a hot day in need of something cold but not too sweet, and Harley went to work. It soon became Marsha’s go-to drink.

Giggle Juice is reminiscent of drunk punch – the kind you might make for a crowd during a summer barbecue – but is elevated by the use of purely fresh-squeezed ingredients. Harley suggests adding a little more orange juice if you prefer the final product a bit sour, or adding a splash of cranberry juice to up the sweet factor.

When Martha asked Harley why she named the beverage Giggle Juice, she answered, “Well, whenever you drink it, you are always giggling.”

Whether the day is hot or not, I think we could all use a good giggle.

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