• Best Customer Service

Runner-up: Shanghaied Tattoo, Astoria

Honorable mention: Street 14 Cafe, Astoria

• Best Dessert

Runner-up: The Depot Restaurant, Seaview

Honorable mention: T Paul’s Supper Club, Astoria

Frite & Scoop co-owners Kevin and Lisa Malcolm relocated from Seattle to Astoria in 2013 and opened their dream of gourmet ice cream commingled with salty, Belgian fries (or frites). The shop has become a local standard for all things sweet and salty on the North Coast.

The ever-changing flavors are an ode to the wizardy of Kevin Malcolm, a former accountant who started making ice cream as a hobby and spent two years perfecting his craft before coming to Astoria.

Frite & Scoop’s style is classic flavors with a twist, he said, while using the highest-quality ingredients, from the honeycomb-infused hokey pokey — Frite & Scoop’s signature ice cream — to the chocolate custard infused with Calabrian chili peppers. The shop employs a pantry chef, Katelyn Olsen, who makes the confections mixed into the ice cream.

“We want to be proud of every single thing we put out there,” Kevin Malcolm said. “I can make ice cream cheaper and with not as many homemade ingredients, and maybe a decent amount of people might not notice the difference. But I take a point of pride in making everything better.”

The ice cream comes in bowls, pints and sugar cones, along with traditional Norwegian krumkake wafer cones cooked and rolled at the shop, with a Hershey Kisses wedged into the base to prevent leaking.

The frites are cooked to order in canola oil, with a wide array of house-made dipping sauces, from blueberry mayonnaise and Lemon aioli to malt vinegar and Thai peanut.


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