Casey Barella

Casey Barella is the owner of The Chowder Stop in Long Beach.

Casey Barella, the owner of The Chowder Stop, is enthusiastic about the quality of food cooked at the restaurant. Menu items range from homemade chips to house-made salad dressings to award-winning clam chowder.

With a name like The Chowder Stop, the restaurant’s clam chowder has to be worth stopping for. The chowder is thick, creamy, hearty and tasty. Barella said the restaurant only uses Arctic surf clams, which are tender and mild in flavor.

Barella designed most of the restaurant himself. Inside, decorative portholes, a fireplace and nautical decor give the restaurant a cozy atmosphere. Rock music plays throughout the restaurant at just the right volume.

The restaurant also has an entire bookshelf full of hot sauces to add a little extra zing to your meal.

On a recent day in the restaurant, a table of four sat quietly as they focused on their food.

One of the women at the table, Joni Thomas from Long Beach, said, “Their chowder is awesome. We come here all the time because we love their fish n’ chips made with fresh halibut.”

Indeed, the restaurant was busy for a mid-afternoon on a Wednesday during the off-season. Barella anticipates people will line up out the door this summer for to-go orders. He says that the line will be only for fish and chips, and chowder.

The Chowder Stop was nominated in four categories, including best fish and chips, best server and best lunch spot. While still new, the restaurant is well on its way to fulfilling its vision of being a must-visit food stop on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The Chowder Stop is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily at 203 Bolstad Ave., Long Beach.

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