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Join Long Beach Peninsula residents Laurie Anderson and David Campiche as they show you how to make a Negroni. Read more

Join Long Beach Peninsula residents Laurie Anderson and David Campiche as they show you how to make a Negroni. Read more

Casey Barella, the owner of The Chowder Stop, is enthusiastic about the quality of food cooked at the restaurant. Menu items range from homemade chips to house-made salad dressings to award-winning clam chowder. Read more

ASTORIA — North Coast Food Web is accepting applications for renting the food web’s kitchen, located at 577 18th St. Read more

A-Town Coffee started small in October 2018 at 632 W. Marine Drive near the roundabout on Marine Drive in Astoria. Owner Heather Jenson and her daughter, Madison Burnett, who runs the cafe, first envisioned the business as a coffee cart. Read more

Good Bowl got its start in 2015 when Andrea Mazzarella and Olaf Ydstie bought the food cart, which originally was a juice cart. Read more

Soon perhaps, rains will have subsided and the heavens opened with a silver-blue luster that promises us sweet spring winds and mild summer days. At that sunny juncture, we will shift our menu to fresh spring vegetables and mushrooms. Read more

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“Oh what excellent combinations are Chambertin and Roquefort, both to revive love and to bring to prompt maturity a budding love.” Read more

Even in the dead of winter, when the chill seems to blowing off the river and the sea, Astoria has the liquid that will warm your soul.  Read more

It is wintertime again, and with the sleepy season we are afforded a chance to visit and sip a liquid pleasantry with friends and family. What better pairing than a good bottle of Northwest wine? Read more

With a certain amount of trepidation, we must face the fact that this is an election year. Right now, we are sitting on the final days of a decade that passed with a fair amount of political sparring, and I’m being kind in my assessment. It’s for this reason I suggest it might be more import… Read more

Let’s get after it! Those words are borrowed from a newscaster, but I use them to motivate myself as a storyteller who hopes to praise a memorable day called Christmas to my dear readers. Indeed, let’s approach Christmas and revisit this ancient story. In visiting history we might also disco… Read more

Not unlike its Bermuda counterpart, the Triangle Tavern on Marine Drive is a fine place to lose some time. There is a sense of timelessness in the air. I recently sought some refuge there on a padded stool during a particularly torrential afternoon, and refuge was certainly found. Read more

When I turned 15 in 1963, I procured a job with Earl Kaufman at the Cottage Bakery in Long Beach, Washington. Kaufman was a mountain of a man with wrists as round as Babe Ruth’s bat. He worked fast, hard and efficiently. I struggled in the beginning, fearful my engagement would be short-lived. Read more

Pumpkins and cranberries highlighted that first Thanksgiving in 1621. After the devastation of scurvy, when many pilgrims died, a celebration was in order for the surviving few. As the story goes, native people brought bright red cranberries as part of the feast. If it took a sound measure o… Read more