Volunteers pulling purple loosestrife by canoe at Blind Slough Swamp during Swampathon 2018. This year’s event is Aug. 10-11. Contact NCLC Stewardship Director Melissa Reich at 503-738-9126 or melissar@nclctrust.org to sign up.

KNAPPA – Help weed Blind Slough Swamp at this year’s Swampathon on the lower Columbia River near Knappa by canoe on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 10 and 11.

Volunteers will attack ivy in the Big Creek unit of the habitat reserve from 1-5 p.m. while the tide is out on Saturday.

On Sunday, volunteers will paddle upstream on larger side channels of the Columbia to attack loosestrife growing at the water’s edge from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volunteers are welcome to camp together and share dinner at Brownsmead Grange Saturday night.

Swampathon is an annual volunteer event hosted by the North Coast Land Conservancy. The weekend will target two invasive plant species: purple loosestrife and English ivy. The work is strenuous and can include disembarking from a canoe onto a steep and slippery bank, walking through dense vegetation and balancing on uneven ground while working with sharp tools.

Canoes, rather than kayaks, will be used to access the target sites and carry out plant materials. Registration is limited to 16 people due to boat capacity, unless volunteers are able to bring personal canoes.

More details are available at NCLCtrust.org/events. To sign up and receive directions and camping details, contact NCLC Stewardship Director Melissa Reich at 503-738-9126 or melissar@nclctrust.org.

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