In an area that is often jam-packed with concerts, trivia nights and other events, this era of social distancing can quickly leave residents at a loss of how to fill time. Yet, with the help of local organizations, as well as those in larger cities like Portland and Seattle, there are ways to stay busy without watching Netflix.

Here is a roundup of free activities to do online.


The Oregon Coast Aquarium and Seattle Aquarium each has live cameras of animals. The Oregon cameras feature sharks, otters and seabirds. The Seattle Aquarium’s cameras showcase harbor seals and sea otters.


Chef Outta Water, led by Baked Alaska chef Chris Holen and his business partner Simon Millcock, is uploading online cooking videos.

“Our goal is to put this content into the hands of folks that are hunkered down in an effort to give them some ideas of how they can put all of their food supplies to use, as well as engage with family while making meals at home,” Holen said.


A handful of the coast’s dance and yoga studios are offering online classes.

In Long Beach, Beach Ballet is updating its Facebook page with online classes. The business also is hosting occasional outdoor classes.

RiversZen Yoga, based in Ilwaco and Astoria, is posting virtual yoga classes. Users can choose between following along with already-posted videos or participating in live online group classes.

Seaside Yoga and Astoria-based The Fire Station also are posting online yoga classes.

Warrenton's Encore Dance Studio is hosting virtual dance classes weekly on Mondays.


Libraries along the coast are closed through the majority of April. Library card holders can download ebooks and audiobooks from Astoria Public Library, Cannon Beach Library, Seaside Library, Warrenton Community Library and Timberland Regional Library’s Ilwaco and Ocean Park branches.

Cannon Beach Library is also offering its services to non-library card holders. To access the library’s ebooks and audiobooks, go to the library’s webpage, then click on “library to go” under “suggested links.” Then, use either the login 2688 or 2689. The password for each account is the same as its respective login.

In addition to its online offerings, the Warrenton Community Library is also running a drive-through service for patrons to borrow and return library materials. Library materials can be reserved through the library’s website.

Astoria School District librarian Tamee Harden is regularly posting storytime videos for children on her YouTube channel.

The Archive Project Podcast has a collection of recorded lectures from the organization’s Portland Arts & Lecture Series, the Portland Book Festival and other Portland-based events. Some featured authors include Margaret Atwood, Min Jin Lee and Tommy Orange.

Oregon Humanities is hosting a letter campaign called Dear Stranger to connect residents.


Museums are also keeping people entertained through posting exhibits and artifacts online.

Both the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum and Ilwaco’s Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum are regularly featuring archives on each museum’s Facebook page. The Oregon Historical Society also has online posts from its archives.

The High Desert Museum, Portland Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum all have online videos of each museum’s exhibits.

International museums also have online exhibits for view. Canadian-based Farm Food 360 has online farms and food tours. Travel + Leisure put together a list of 12 museums with online tours, such as the Van Gogh Museum.

And in space, NASA’s Curiosity Rover has an online tour of Mars.


Composer Angelique Poteat, who was scheduled to perform at the Liberty Theatre in late March, partnered with the theater’s executive director Jennifer Crockett for a performance.

Cappella Romana, produced by Portland Baroque Orchestra, and the Seattle Symphony also recently started streaming shows.

NPR and Broadway World each has an extensive list of virtual concerts.

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