A few years ago, when I discovered LOLcats, they seemed to be a new, supremely witty yet accessible form of humor born of the Internet age. Today the kittehs still exist, but their original punchline – ICanHasCheezburger.com – now graces a corporate think tank comprised of dozens of similarly-veined threads with names such as “ROFLrazzi“My Food Looks Funny,” “FAIL Blog” and “So Much Pun

To keep up with the youngsters’ humor these days, I’ve taken to following the “Memebase” blog. Anything perpetuated and passed along through a culture is a “meme.” On the ’net, they’re typically pictures with simple captions that repeat a theme. The laughs come not only from the original meme, but from the myriad variations, each trying to top the last. Memes explode and evolve with the speed of digital uplinks, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re behind the times within a few hours.

Fortunately there’s a site called KnowYourMeme.com that helpfully and without condescension explains how Internet memes got started and why they became popular.

To contribute to the cultural database, I’ll paraphrase here the meme featuring the photo of the Dos Equis beer spokesman known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World:”?I don’t always share memes, but when I do, I make sure they’re personally significant and sure to be appreciated by people whose intelligence I respect.

The last meme I shared on Facebook made me LOLIRL (laugh out loud in real life). The photo was a closeup of the ever-earnest Orlando Bloom as Legolas in “Lord of the Rings.” The caption stated, “My friends say I don’t understand irony. Which was ironic, because we were riding horses at the time.”

(If that doesn’t make you LOL, you might want to visit another great site, TheOatmeal.com, and search for “irony” there.)

Now get back to using the Internet for education and commerce!

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