Julia Triezenberg has been playing ukulele and caring for her plants.

Residents throughout the North Coast are staying safe and busy at home through a variety of activities.

For Coast Weekend’s quarantine photo activity contest, we asked readers to send in a photo of an activity they’ve done at home during Oregon and Washington state’s stay at home orders.

The results are fun, quirky and show the spirit of our small coastal towns. Some residents are quilting for family members, others are spending time with children and grandchildren and the rest are honing their skills at projects.

The contest’s winner is Julia Triezenberg, of Astoria, followed by Jan Bono, of Long Beach, Washington, in second place, and Lois Larson, of Seaside, in third place.

Triezenberg sent in a photo of herself with her ukulele and plants.


Jano Bono’s cat, ‘Theo,’ enjoys his sixth birthday.

“In true millennial fashion, I have been learning new tunes on my ukulele while my plant babies soak up some sun,” she said.

Bono shared a photo of a birthday party she held for her cat ‘Theo.’

“I threw a COVID Birthday Party (to which no one was invited) for my cat Theo, now 6, and shared the silliness on Facebook to rave reviews,” Bono said.

Larson shared an image of herself with holiday stockings she made for her future grandchildren.

“Over the last 50+ years I have made about 75 Christmas stockings for family members and a few friends,” she said.

Quilting stockings

Lois Larson has been quilting stockings for her future grandchildren.

The winners will receive a gift certificate to T. Paul’s Urban Cafe. Gift cards are funded through a grant by Northwest Oregon Works and Oregon Coast Today.

Other contest participants include Melissa Reid, Angela Jannusch, Lucy Jannusch, Jen Munson, Leighanna Stewart and Nancy Magathan, of Astoria; Sherice Halvorsen, of Hammond; Rita Sinclair of, Ocean Park, Washington; Jo Schnotala of Grays River, Washington, and Brandon Mackley, of Bonney Lake, Washington.

Albondigas sopa

Rita Sinclair’s homemade albondigas sopa.


Jo Schnotala beekeeping in Grays River.


Sherice Halvorsen made kransekake.


Nancy Magathan made quilts for her grandchildren.


Angela Jannusch’s homemade bread.


Lucy Jannusch enjoying a waffle after a walk.

Solar cooking

Jen Munson has been ‘solar cooking.’

Dressing up

Melissa Reid’s family has enjoyed dressing up.


Brandon Mackley’s family is keeping busy with puzzles.

Qlub Quarantine

Leighanna Stewart transformed her kitchen into ‘Qlub Quarantine.’

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