Fort Stevens

Fort Stevens State Park is one of Warrenton's best options for a picnic.

It’s no surprise that Warrenton is a hub for great parks to visit. Many are great for walking, hiking, swimming and fishing.

On a weeknight or evening, going to one of Warrenton’s parks often offers the perfect retreat for picnicking.

Some of the town’s parks offer great views of the Pacific Ocean, others of the Columbia River or Youngs Bay. Others are located near smaller bodies of water, like Smith Lake County Park, Carnahan County Park or Cullaby Lake County Park.

If you’re looking to watch the sunset along the ocean’s horizon, consider bringing your picnic to Fort Stevens State Park or the Sunset Beach State Recreation Site. If you’d rather get a view of the river, there are more options to choose from, including Seafarer’s Park, the Warrenton Dog Park, Carruthers Memorial Park, the Warrenton Waterfront Trail and Lighthouse Park. Skipanon River Park and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park are other worthwhile stops.

When deciding what to pack for your picnic, consider purchasing take-out from a local restaurant. If you head out for your picnic before 8 p.m., you can likely get food from Trina & Ron’s Place, Fultano’s Pizza, El Compadre Restaurant, Nisa’s Thai or El Catrin Mexican Cuisine. Each spot offers a variety of delicious meals to choose from.

Alyssa Evans is the editor of Coast Weekend. Contact her at 971-704-1721 or

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