Weather depending, kite flyers can enjoy ideal kite flying conditions from spring to fall on Oregon's North Coast.

For the competitive and creative kite flyers, there are occasional kite festivals in the Columbia-Pacific region. The largest is the Washington State International Kite Festival, held annually the third week of August in Long Beach, Washington. The festival is a week-long event, including celebrations and competitions.

Long Beach is also home to a handful of smaller kite-focused events, including a "windless kites" event in January, a celebration of the Asian New Year, and an October event, "One Sky, One World."

Buy your gear

Ready-to-fly kites are available to buy in spots along Oregon's North Coast and in Long Beach, Washington.

Cleanline Surf features some sturdy kites in Seaside at 60 N. Roosevelt Drive (503-738-7888) and in Cannon Beach, 171 Sunset Boulevard (503-436-9726). Also in the area is Pinky's Kite Factory in Cannon Beach, 339 Fir Street (503-440-6092). 

On the Long Beach Peninsula, there is the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame, 303 S.W. Sid Snyder Drive (360-642-4020), which also features a variety of kites from around the world. In downtown Long Beach, there is Wind World, 115 Pacific Ave. (360-642-5483).

Other shops scattered throughout different beach towns in the area also sell kites.

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