If you’re looking to surf, you’ve luckily found yourself near some of Oregon’s most popular and safest surf spots. Surfers of all experience levels are welcome at the North Coast’s Short Sand Beach in Oswald State Park and Indian Beach at Ecola State Park. Some are even able to find some waves at the Seaside Cove, the southern end of Seaside Beach.

The best places to surf are the safest, especially for beginners. Both Short Sand and Indian Beach are protected by headlands, keeping surfers away from harsh winds and rough water. You will find the softest breaking waves at Short Sand; be prepared to carry your surfboard with you through a short forest trail. The beach is accessible by hiking Short Sand Beach trail.

Once you know where you’re headed, pickup a wetsuit, surfboard, and other accessories at Cleanline Surf Shop in Seaside. Depending on the weather, you may need to add booties, gloves and a hood to your suit. Day rentals are available for people of all sizes, including kids. It’s important your wetsuit and surfboard are the correct sizes for the most comfortable surfing experience.

If you’re an experienced surfer, head to the water. If you’re inexperienced or looking to improve your surfing skills, consider taking a class, like one of Cleanline Surf's one-on-one or small group lessons. The well-known instructors, Tony Cardner and Lexie Hallahan both have over 30 years of experience surfing and teach all skill levels.

Surfing instructor Hallahan offers a unique Oregon surfing experience with her Northwest Women’s Surf Camps. Day camps and group lessons are best for short trips to the coast but with more time to plan ahead, "Week Retreats" or "Girlfriend Getaways" are also available. The camps provide a supportive environment with surfing instruction.

No matter which route you take to surf the North Coast, it’s most important to have a plan and be aware of water conditions. The best experience will come from preparation and consulting with professionals at the surf shop.

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