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There’s a feeling that comes of hanging out with old trees — something innate in each of us that awakens in the presence of such enormous, peaceful beauty. That they have stood for so long and witnessed so much is awe inspiring to be sure but also somehow softly comforting. Big trees always … Read more

If you’re looking to surf, you’ve luckily found yourself near some of Oregon’s most popular and safest surf spots. Surfers of all experience levels are welcome at the North Coast’s Short Sand Beach in Oswald State Park and Indian Beach at Ecola State Park. Some are even able to find some wav… Read more

The north Oregon and southwest Washington coasts are full of critters that share the singular terrain and distinct Northwest beauty residents here revel in. Whether in the winter, spring, fall or summer, these animals are part of our coastal communities' fabric.  Read more

Oregon’s North Coast and southwest Washington offer some of the Pacific Northwest’s most breathtaking sights and best outdoor recreation. The number of adventures available to both locals and visitors is endless, with options ranging from surfing the Pacific Ocean, to hiking alongside ancien… Read more

“… We are all wet and disagreeable … our party has been wet for 8 days and is truly disagreeable, their robes and leather clothes are rotten from being continually wet” — William Clark, November 1805 Read more

Horses have been a part of Northwest history, from pulling covered wagons along the Oregon Trail to hauling logs through luscious forests. Today, their uses tend to be in recreation or tourism. On the North Coast of Oregon there are countless opportunities to spend time on horseback, no matt… Read more