A quiet morning in Gearhart would be nothing without a fresh breakfast pastry. Head to Mac’s Micro-Market, formerly known as Pacific Way Bakery, to pick up a to-go breakfast. Located in the heart of downtown Gearhart, the bakery is walking distance from the town’s best spots. Across the street, you’ll find By The Way gift shop; next door is Trail’s End Art Association.

The market sells fresh coffee along with an assortment of pastries. Try the Good Morning muffin, the raspberry cranberry coconut pecan muffin or a cherry almond scone. Their pastry case also has various kinds of croissants, scones, and morning breads. The market is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call ahead of time to pick up your breakfast on the way to a morning stroll on Gearhart’s Del Rey Beach. Walk down Pacific Way to find a short beach trail that will take you onto the beach and begin your walk north. Once you make it past 10th Street, you’ve made it to Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site.

For windier, colder mornings you may want to experience the beach in a more weather-protected fashion. Del Rey is known for being a car-accessible beach. Drive north on U.S. Highway 101 until you reach Highlands Lane, which has a sign pointing to Del Rey. Turn left and drive straight onto Beach Road. Beach Road eases cars onto the beach where the sand is easier to drive on. Cruse down the coastline from the comfort of your car but be careful of other vehicles on the sand.

This part of the beach is also a great spot for a walk. Rather than driving onto the beach, continue on Beach Road to the parking lot. Explore the greenery and wildlife that’s on the edge of Del Rey or look over the long beach from the grassy hills that stand between the parking lot and the sand. However you decide to explore the beach, you’re in for a peaceful morning.

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