Scout the greeter

Scout, a 10-year-old English Labrador, has been a familiar greeter for customers at Time Enough Books for years, resplendent in a parade of colorful cloth collar fabrics. As she retires, a puppy called Olympia is taking on the role.

Among significant changes with the transfer of ownership of Time Enough Books in Ilwaco, Washington, is the retirement of Scout, a 10-year-old English Labrador who favors colorful neckerchiefs and has quietly greeted customers at the waterfront bookstore.

“It’s not Time Enough Books without a bookstore dog,” said Kelli Hughes-Ham, who will take over from her aunt, Karla Nelson, who founded the store in 2000.

Hughes-Ham and her husband, Bill Ham, took ownership at the beginning of January. She teaches art at Ilwaco High School and he is already a staff member at the store, as well as being active in the Astoria theater community.

Time Enough Books

Karla Nelson founded Time Enough Books in 2000, at a time when the popularity of online book sales was generating dire predictions for independent bookstores. After 22 years, she has sold the business to her niece, Kelli Hughes-Ham, who will run it with her husband, Bill.

She was eager to reassure customers of dog staffing arrangements when she announced the changeover. “Never fear, because we are training the next generation of bookstore dogs,” she said.

“I’m excited for everyone to meet Olympia (Oly for short), our sweet and happy mutt puppy, who will do her best to carry on Scout’s legacy.

“Oly is seven months old, absolutely loves everyone that she meets, and is still working on her manners ... but she will be coming in every day soon.”

While delighted to be taking over, she anticipates few changes, and will tap her aunt’s 22 years of knowledge and expertise.

“Karla has been the heart of the bookstore, and we want to honor what she has built in our community,” Hughes-Ham noted. “Scout will be retiring as well, but she will be in to visit when Karla comes in to fill in now and then.”

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Jenn Nightingale

Thank you for keeping this bookshop on the radar. They are one of our coastal bookshops that are welcoming, keep a well rounded stick and support local writers. It is such a joy to see local writers books on prominently displayed. Godfathers in Astoria, Beach Books in Seaside, Cannon Beach Books and Cloud and Life and Leaf in Manzanita steer browsers to the many gifted writers in our region. Thank you for unleashing this story.

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