The Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific — a group that works for the well-being of the county’s children and teens — holds its Home and Chef Tour fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 13. It’s a once-a-year chance to wander, linger and, OK, envy what local homeowners have done with their property.

This year, six Gearhart-area homes are all dressed up and showing off their unique styles. Three are in gated communities, two are on the beachfront, two are nestled in carefully crafted homes, one is on large grounds and one is fronted by a popular storefront. Six chefs will offer creative morsels while area florists add a colorful bounty.

Here’s a teaser of some homes’ distinctive features. (This is, as we say, just the “tip of the iceberg.”)

• A yard with a kid’s sandbox that actually enhances the landscape. It’s surrounded by a green seeded lawn that elk want nothing to do with. The interior favors the owner’s love of black-and-white — from tile work to black board.

• A beach-themed home has a view of dune grasses that Andrew Wyeth might long to paint. Interior expanses open up to greet, feed and sleep a whole bunch of family both upstairs and down. And the property has every man’s dream: a large attached garage.

• A welcoming home behind a storefront offers privacy and getaway room for this on-site owner and her pets. With style and good taste — both in her private quarters and the store itself — it’s good use of a small space.

• Overflowing with elements that prompt visitors to say “How clever!” and “Why didn’t I think of this?” one dwelling is packed, inside and out, with reclaimed goods used inventively. The owners’ DIY talents can’t help but inspire us all to think outside the box. Hint: It’s no wonder that the owner has an equally creative store in Astoria.

• This home, the newest on the tour, had the Assistance League tour head, Cindy Leibel, saying, “I want to live here.” The owner said, “I have no patience for what can be done tomorrow. I want it done today.” So it shouldn’t be hard to believe the couple has been in the house just a few months. Be sure to notice the extensive use of navy blue, the chandeliers, even the refrigerator.

• The largest home on the tour stands regally sited on a welcoming yard. High ceilings and large rooms are made comfortable by the interior designer/owner’s deft touches. Does your house have a cigar room? This one does.

All funds from the tour go toward Operation School Bell, a group that works closely with the schools of Clatsop County to identify children in need and provide them with new clothing, according to Assistance League President Jessica Newhall. The League shops locally as much as possible.

“Last year 734 children received new coats, school clothing, shoes, socks, undergarments and toiletries,” she wrote. “The clothing keeps them warm, gives a generous boost to their self-esteem and a sparkle in their eyes.”

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