With autumn in full swing it is hard not to notice the crisp colors and to breath in the warm yet fresh sunshine of a fall morning.

There are innumerable opportunities to get outside and enjoy the new season’s air in our region. Especially Trestle Bay at Fort Stevens State Park, located roughly 10 miles outside Astoria.

The Trestle Bay Waterfowl Hunting Area, one of 800 acres of hidden gems at Fort Stevens, provides the perfect coastal views year round.

With a short hike to the beach, you can get lost in the views of the South Jetty of the Columbia river, the ominous shadow of Saddle Mountain and the green hues of the Astoria Bridge and Youngs Bay. Trestle Bay provides open beach, pine forested nooks and beach grass terrain to enjoy hiking through.

While destinations like Coffenbury Lake and the Peter Iredale remain ever popular at Fort Stevens, Trestle Bay provides much seclusion and solace at the South Jetty.

The short walk to the beach is perfect for seasoned or beginner hikers. You can make a circle walking on the beach, which make a “u” shape around the parking lot and provides unique views at each point. Trestle Bay is a wonderful getaway to clear the mind and take in a coastal Oregon day.

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Be nice if people recommending beaches like Trestle Bay & Jetty Sands would mention the wildlife that use these beaches. Snowy plovers are struggling to survive on the NW Coast, & one of the few places they still nest successfully is in the dry sand (above high tide lines) in this area, likely because (so far) it has been relatively secluded. Please try to encourage people to keep foot or cycle traffic, & especially dogs, out of the higher beach zone during nesting season! Signs should be posted for restrictions starting in March, & continuing as long as nesting activity is present.

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