We all know Goonies never say "die." They also don't say "event canceled."

The 35th annual Goonies Day celebration will be held online this year because of coronavirus restrictions. The Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce will host a livestream throughout Sunday on YouTube.

“Our thought on taking it virtual was to give the fans something to be a part of, for families to do something together,” said Regina Willkie, the chamber’s marketing director. “We also want people to keep Astoria in mind as a place to visit later on.”

The celebration will feature a variety of smaller events, including contests, an interview with a television producer and a worldwide dance break.

“We were hoping to have an in-person event but in March, it became clear that wouldn’t be possible to do,” Willkie said.

What to expect

Part of the event will feature participants and winners for three Goonies-themed contests the chamber held in advance of the anniversary. A costume contest, baking contest and Rube Goldberg contest will be included.

“We’ll have a bit of time dedicated to those contests where entries came in during the Youtube feed,” Willkie said.

In the costume contest, participants will show their best Goonies-themed outfits. The baking contest is similar to the Netflix show “Nailed It!” In the contest, participants will show off homemade cakes modeled after One-Eyed Willie. The Rube Goldberg contest will showcase intricate homemade puzzles, like the one in the movie’s beginning when Chunk does the "Truffle Shuffle."

The chamber will also host a “worldwide Truffle Shuffle,” where participants can log onto a specific video chat and do the famous dance at the same time.

Another feature of the event will be an interview with television producer Adam F. Goldberg, the creator of the 80s-themed show “The Goldbergs.” Goldberg wasn’t an actor in the movie but is a fan of the movie and even created a Goonies-themed episode of his show.

“A lot of people have asked ‘Why are you talking to this person since he wasn’t in the movie?’ His sitcom episode basically embodied the movie’s characters and did a treasure hunt episode,” Willkie said. “We’re going to talk about how much of a fan of the movie he is.”

Goldberg recently finished a script for a sequel to the movie, which will be another focus of the interview.

“He’s advocating for a sequel among some possible studios in Hollywood,” Willkie said. “It’s a divisive thing among the fans but we often have fans come into our office and say ‘Hey, I wrote a script.’ This will be a chance to learn about him and his career.”

The chamber may also feature interviews with others who have experience with the film but details are still being sorted out, Willkie said. Other features of the event will include fan submissions and day-of events for viewers to participate in.

“We’re arranging to have some fans from around the world showcase their really cool Goonies collections so hopefully we’ll have a handful of those too,” Willkie said.

Later in the summer, the chamber will also put together a “One-Eyed Willie Treasure Hunt,” where locals and visitors can complete a geocaching-like experience to find hidden treasures throughout Astoria.

“The treasure hunt is something that’s been really popular in the past. With the COVID-19 guidelines for businesses, we’re trying to do it in a way that has a minimal amount of touchpoints,” Willkie said. “We’ll likely roll it out later this summer and have it up all year.”

The chamber will also be selling memorabilia for the 35th anniversary through its website and visitors’ center.

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