Anne Nixon has published another book.

Her latest is targeted at young people, designed to help them through the pitfalls in choosing their life’s path.

She writes: “Take care, and think of your life as an adventure full of experimentation and learning, be it professional or labor. It makes no difference.”

Nixon is a 84-year-old Petaluma, Calif., resident. Her new book is called “To Inspire the Young: Life Goals,” written using her full name, Anne Elizabeth Nixon, and available from

Her motivation was simple.

“I decided to write the book because so many people I hear about think it’s a must to go to college, but either haven’t got the money or don’t have any idea what they’d study there,” she said. “Also, what would they do for a job if they don’t go to college, they wonder.”

Before their move to California, the couple spent 32 years in Surfside, living on 310th. Nixon’s world travel adventures were published in the Chinook Observer some years ago.

She was in the news in December with a book titled “How I Survived: Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Polio.” It chronicled her experiences with polio, two types of colon cancer and coping with her late husband Don’s Alzheimer’s. The former medical secretary wrote that book to help others cope with serious health issues.

Her new book focuses on choices for young people. She seeks to encourage high school students to make a plan and find ways to boost their self-esteem.

She writes: “With your entire life before you, what would you choose to do with it — computer science, nurse, truck driver, scientist, carpenter, salesperson, doctor, farmer, television, teacher, musician, sports player, driver — taxi, chauffeur?

“The only thing that matters is that you are doing what interests you. Some people are at jobs they don’t like. Don’t let that happen to you.”

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