Nehalem Bay is more than just a boat launch and a destination for the summer outings. The four mile long sand pit situated between the ocean and Nehalem Bay is a beautiful destination for any time of year.

Take advantage of the pavement 

The paved paths in the state park are perfect for winter hikes. Even if the weather is a little misty and cold, there's nothing some fuzzy socks, warm hot cocoa, a dry rain jacket and the promise of adventure can’t fix.

Nehalem State Park offers a forested 1.8 mile paved bike path that is perfect for all skill levels of bikers and hikers. Though the preference can often be to seek adventures off the "beaten path," when you're dealing with mud, debris and residual landslides, paved paths are the way to go. 

Depending on the weather, throw on a pair of your favorite sneakers or some waterproof boots and get after it. 

More to discover

The State Park also has a campground and yurts for alternative camping options close to the ocean, perfect for winter sandcastles and an easy getaway. Warm and protected from the rain and winds, the distant sound of crashing waves may just take you back to summer memories for a moment.

Other popular activities at Nehalem Bay include kayaking, crabbing, fishing, clamming and horseback riding.

For the horse enthusiasts, there are elementary corals and campsites available for horses as well. But whether you are on horseback, on foot or on two wheels, the views of Nehalem Bay don't disappoint, regardless of the season.

Critter's delight 

For a typical Oregon coast winter, it is not uncommon to venture through rain, wind and fog. But bringing the proper attire and planning ahead for these weather conditions could lead to a fantastic getaway with family and friends.

The landscapes at Nehalem Bay are wonderful place to watch your children or furry, four-legged friends run on the beach.

On the boat ramp in Nehalem Bay, ducks and other river critters can be heard splashing about and honking or yelping hello to hikers and bikers alike as they roam the water's edge.

Birds and seagulls over head chirp, gull and caw and the views of the pacific northwest never seem to disappoint.

All her glory 

Upon the dunes overlooking the ocean, a serene view of Nehalem Bay to one side shows crisp waters and rolling hills in the background. To the other side is the unforgiving Pacific Ocean in all her glory as she rolls and crashes her waves into the sand in the distance.

Nehalem Bay is more than just a summer destination in the warmer months. Winter at the coast is also the perfect time of year to lace up those hiking boots, zip up that rain jacket and enjoy a good old fashioned hike.

It's hard not to smile at Nehalem Bay. 

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