When I was just a wee little editor, I was infatuated with “The Wizard of Oz.” My parents said I went around telling everyone my name was Dorothy. It wasn’t until just this week, though, that I knew how she must have felt as she started to click the heels of her ruby slippers together: excited to leave, but sad to go.

This is my last issue as editor of Coast Weekend. I’ve been pursuing the goal of working for myself for quite a while, and it’s time to make that happen.

I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable “day job” than this one in our whole coverage area. I get to spend my days with smart people, fixing grammar, punctuation and style in stories that deal with cool, artsy topics. In my cozy cubicle, I get to be creative and persnickety at the same time. I coordinate the publication for entire magazines and I make sure the last clue of the crossword doesn’t fall out of the box.

And for almost 10 years, I’ve gotten to share with readers what one of our promotional ads calls “musings from the editor’s dangerously normal life.” I’m gratified if you’ve gotten some enjoyment out of these columns. Oh, I know there are plenty of you who pooh-pooh them – I’ve heard them called “inane ramblings” and “bits of fluff;” a reader even wrote in once to complain about my hairstyle. Boy, I sure lost sleep over that.

But I hope you’ve been edified as to the habits of pigs and pugs; considered my input on movies and memes; listened to my rants on bad drivers, rude audiences and appalling social network posts. You know way more about my life and my family than I do about yours, so give me the benefit of the doubt the next time we run into each other at the grocery store!

Though you rarely see her name in print, the lion’s share of Coast Weekend’s successful operation should be credited to Linda Lebrun, who puts together the event calendars and news briefs, posts everything to our website and helps me keep my head on straight. I’m grateful for her skills, which are unsurpassed; her composure, having to follow my sometimes scatterbrained lead; and her brilliant cleverness, whether it’s writing a headline or riffing on the latest sci-fi/fantasy movie flop. These things I will truly miss.

The newsroom staff at The Daily Astorian will be putting out Coast Weekend until a new editor is found. You can direct any inquiries to Linda, and I ask that you help her out by getting your news submissions in nice and early.

As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home,” and so it’s off to home I go, to help more people with their health and fitness. I’m looking forward to volunteering in the schools more and diving back into composing music. I would love to get a Facebook friend request from everyone reading this – I’d like to know for once how your pet pig is doing!

Thanks for your readership, all the way back to 1997 when I started writing Coast Weekend’s movie reviews. It’s been cool.

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