Weird Sisters Freak Boutique

A look inside Weird Sisters Freak Boutique.

Like a thrift shop, Weird Sisters Freak Boutique offers an opportunity to buy old things and make them your own. Unlike a typical thrift shop, the boutique is heavily inspired by artists. The boutique showcases local art and vintage items.

Proprietor and curator Sandra Carr has been an artist and visual merchandiser for more than 30 years. She got her start as a sculptor’s apprentice and studied at Concordia University in Montreal.

“Weird Sisters is a name chosen because it was a little magical with historical roots,” Carr said. “There aren’t specifically sisters involved, though I’m planning a funny ‘who are the sisters’ reveal in upcoming advertising. It’s a freak boutique because everything in it is chosen because of its uniqueness.”

The shop is located in Astoria in a previously unused underground building. Carr and others have rebranded the space as a “hidden underground experience.”

The space was designed by the late Michael Foster, who was an artist, art collector and school librarian. He created an underground town that is supposed to represent 1890s Astoria.

Throughout winter, Carr and her team have been busy dreaming up quirky experiences for the community.

“The bigger dream for Weird Sisters is to provide a growing relationship between artists and businesses,” Carr said. “This is an important and needed relationship so a lot of what I’m experimenting with here is designed to find fair and respectful ways for creative people to survive and for businesses to understand the value of their creative energy.”

Weird Sisters Freak Boutique is open from noon to 9 p.m. Friday through Sunday at 1004 Marine Drive, Suite D, in Astoria.

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