Peninsula Golf Course

Peninsula Golf Course is owned by Doug and Angie Brown.

Golf is a favorite activity on the Long Beach Peninsula. The Peninsula Golf Course is an ideal place to play the sport for locals and tourists alike. With smooth, dry greens, a cozy restaurant and pro shop, the golf course is an ideal place to unwind and sharpen your swing. Staff is friendly and engaging.

“It’s our people that make all the difference,” said owner Doug Brown. “We encourage our team to be approachable and interesting.”

Brown and his wife Angie were full-time RV residents on their way to Spokane late in summer 2017 when forest fires kept them from reaching their destination. As fate would have it, they ended up coming to the Long Beach Peninsula instead and stayed at Anderson RV Park.

The Browns played some golf on the course and enjoyed a meal inside the business’ restaurant, The Cove. While there, the couple learned the business was for sale. Soon after that, they bought the business.

The Browns have made some substantial improvements to the golf course. They’ve put in new tee-markers, divot mixes, garbage cans and flags. They also spent considerable time and funds installing 1,000 feet of drainage and 1,000 feet of new cart path.

The grounds have been updated to be drier so patrons no longer have to worry about sinking into the mud, Brown said.

Listening to Brown talk about his vision for the place, you can’t help but notice that his enthusiasm is infectious. From assisting staff to chatting with customers to explaining merchandise in the pro shop, his passion is evident. It’s hard to believe the Browns have owned Peninsula Golf Course for less than three years.

Peninsula Golf Course is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at 9604 Pacific Way in Long Beach.

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