Astoria Vintage Hardware

There’s so much to catch the eye at Astoria Vintage Hardware.

Runner-up: Farmhouse Funk, Astoria

Honorable mention: Phog Bounders Antique Mall, Astoria

Cascades of brass instruments, ducks in flight, herbivores in suits having a drink together, the perfect small doorknob tucked away on a shelf: At Astoria Vintage Hardware, there’s always something you missed the first time.

Becky Johnson and Paul Tuter opened the eclectic antique and hardware store 11 years ago. In that time, they have had to move shop six times, crisscrossing the city before landing at their current location on Marine Drive between Sears and the Chart Room bar. The building, formerly the home of Bargains Galore, fell into their lap when the owner and current tenant, George Brugh, offered Tuter and Johnson the street-level space.

As always, Vintage Hardware continues to offer vintage furniture and Tuter’s own unique creations along with vintage building materials, interior flourishes, strange and beautiful items that you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them in a display.

While the types of items on offer at Vintage Hardware have more or less remained the same, the feel of the store has definitely varied based on the location. But the set up on Marine Drive perhaps best reflect Johnson and Tuter’s aesthetics.

“It was a blank canvas here,” Johnson said.

They are focusing on bringing in new products for do-it-yourself interior design. They hope to continue expanding these offerings and become a source for cool, hard-to-find materials, Tuter said.

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