'Seals in the Sun'

Stuart Wolf, of Gearhart, is the first place winner of the 2020 photo contest.

The winner’s for the 2020 Coast Weekend Photo Contest are here. The contest featured 122 entries, all of which showcase outstanding work from photographers located around the North Coast.

All of the entries showcase a different aspect of regional beauty — and while not every participant can be a winner, every participant is deserving of recognition for their talent and work.

Stuart Wolf, of Gearhart, is the contest’s first place winner for his entry titled “Seals in the Sun.” The photograph showcases a perfectly captured moment as a group of seals poke their heads out of water. The image encapsulates the North Coast in a simple, yet eye-catching way.

The contest’s second place winner is Astoria resident Kegan Rascoe’s “Stardust.” The image is one of two that Rascoe captured of the Wreck of the Peter Iredale on the same day Rascoe learned he wouldn’t be returning back to school because of the coronavirus pandemic. While both images are striking, “Stardust” adds an extra element by showcasing a sky full of stars behind the shipwreck.

Heidi Schenck of Vancouver, Washington, is the contest’s third place winner with her image “Elephant Seal C890.” Similar to Wolf’s photo, Schenck captured local wildlife at just the right time, creating a memorable image.

The People’s Choice winner is Kelly Grothe of Astoria, with his image “Sculpture.” The image captures a beautiful sunset behind the Astoria Regatta Monument. Grothe’s image was chosen by voters online among all of the contest’s entries.

Thank you to all who participated.


Astoria resident Kegan Rascoe’s ‘Stardust’ is the second place winner for the 2020 Coast Weekend Photo Contest.

'Elephant Seal C890'

Heidi Schenk of Vancouver, Washington, captured this image, which won third place in this year’s photo contest.


Kelly Grothe of Astoria is the 2020 People’s Choice Award winner. Grothe’s photo ‘Sculpture’ depicts the Astoria Regatta Monument.

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