From 122 submissions, here are the 2020 Coast Weekend Photo Contest’s honorable mention recipients.

Each of these 10 images uniquely capture life on the North Coast. These photos are just a snapshot of all of the amazing entries that were shared in this year’s contest. From scenic shots, to perfectly timed shots of wildlife, each image is a great representation of local life.

To view more images that were entered in the contest, visit and click on the “Photo Contest” tab.

‘Moon River’

‘Moon River’ by Astoria resident Amy Lenz.

‘The Old Fisher’

‘The Old Fisher’ by Astoria resident Andy Cameron.

'Sun lite lighthouse'

'Sun lite lighthouse' by Janelle Hux, of Vancouver, Washington.

‘Pile O’ Shells’

‘Pile O’ Shells’ by Eva Bareis, of Ocean Park, Washington.

‘Bridge to Neowise’

‘Bridge to Neowise’ by Warrenton resident Jesse Willingham.


‘Starlink’ by Bend resident Trisha Payne.


‘Hummer’ by Larry Reeves, of Long Beach, Washington.

‘Picnic With a Squirrel’

‘Picnic With a Squirrel’ by Astoria resident Melanie Hansen.

‘Seaside Sunset’

‘Seaside Sunset’ by Seaside resident Diane Wells.

‘Astoria Column Astro’

‘Astoria Column Astro’ by Astoria resident Jason Mack.

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